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Help Burton get super-fast broadband

Friday 10th December 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)

BT are running a competition to see which towns should get the new high-speed fibre-optic connections. We need your help to make sure that Burton is on that list.

If enough people sign up then we can show BT that they should upgrade Burton’s exchange.

Upgrading Burton’s telephone exchange to fibre-optic connections would mean that everybody in Burton who gets their broadband over a phone line – not just BT customers – would be able to get much much faster broadband.

It is free to sign up to support the campaign at and you are not committing to anything – just supporting the campaign for high-speed broadband to be brought to Burton.

What you can do

1. Add your support – you don’t need to be a BT customer and you’re not committing to anything, just showing your support
2. Go to our Facebook page
3. Spread the word
Tell your friends and family and ask them to add their support too.

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