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Highways agency blocks gap in central reservation of the A38

Monday 3rd September 2012 (Andrew Griffiths)

BURTON’S MP has expressed his delight after highways bosses closed a ‘dangerous’ gap in the central
reservation of the A38.

Tory Andrew Griffiths praised the Highways Agency as they kept their vow to protect motorists on the
notoriously dangerous northbound stretch near the Branston junction of the accident-plagued road by closing the gap near Marley Tiles.

However, he added that work needed to continue to push for further changes to halt serious accidents on the
road. He said: “I am delighted that the Highways Agency has kept its promise to close the dangerous gap on the A38. “However, this is the first stage of improving safety on the road and next up will be to push for the other gaps to be closed and then to do something about the speed.”

Previously, the Mail revealed that the Highways Agency and road maintenance firm Amey had agreed to close
the gap in the central reservation near to Marley Tiles. A review is also being undertaken about closing the
three other gaps along the same stretch of road, the introduction of lower speed limits and the state of
vegetation on the approaches to the A38. Calls for radical changes came after a succession of serious accidents culminated in the deaths of sisters Parveen Kauser and Raheela Altaf near the Branston junction in May.

Mr Griffiths was joined in his campaign to introduce average speed cameras and call for the closure of the
gaps by Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue and Staffordshire County Council.

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