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Hundreds sign Fox’s Petition

Monday 11th August 2008 (Andrew Griffiths)

Hundreds of people across Uttoxeter and East Staffordshire have signed a petition to keep Fox’s biscuits in Uttoxeter.

An on-line petition has been launched at

A sister site on the on-line social networking facility facebook has already attracted 200 supporters.The website was set up by Andrew Griffiths, Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Uttoxeter.

Andrew said,

“I am thrilled we have so much support in such a short space of time.

This is possibly the most important ‘winner takes all’ prize for the town, either we gain over 500 new jobs and get a massive boost for our local economy, or we lose almost 1000. It is important we send a clear message to Northern Foods that the people of Uttoxeter and surrounding East Staffordshire are 110% behind the plans for a new super factory in the town.

Uttoxeter is ideally placed for this planned development for so many reasons – there is room on site to expand, we have both from the point of view of the commitment and availability of a highly-motivated local workforce and from the location for transport and distribution links across the country.”As well as the on-line petition, forms are being placed in pubs and shops around the town.

County Councillor Geoff Morrison, who represents the district where the factory is located, and has been delivering petitions across the town said,

‘This isn’t party political – it is important that we all work together to secure these jobs for the future prosperity of our town. There has never been a more important time for the whole town to unite and work together to make sure Fox’s stays in Uttoxeter.”

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