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‘I need answers over delayed Tesco site’- MP

Tuesday 10th June 2014 (Andrew Griffiths)
‘I need answers over delayed Tesco site’- MP

A TESCO boss has been asked to outline the firm’s plans for a Burton superstore which has failed to materialise – three years after it was approved.

Work has never started on the former Dixie Sidings, in Hawkins Lane, despite a planning application being agreed in April 2011.

Now Burton MP Andrew Griffiths is hoping to push for answers.

He has asked Tesco’s new chief executive, Philip Clarke, to clarify his intentions for the site.

The scheme is due to include a 110,000 sq ft Tesco Extra superstore, filling station, service areas and parking for 636 vehicles.

The plans were initially delayed because of lengthy legal negotiations over access between Tesco and Molson Coors, whose depot borders the site.

In an email to the chief executive, which has been seen by the Mail, Mr Griffiths said: “(The original) announcement was welcomed by people in Burton as it is an important opportunity to regenerate a derelict and disused site in the town.

“However, it has now been some three years since the scheme was proposed and nothing seems to have happened in the interim. We are left in limbo with a disused site and no firm proposals to press ahead with the redevelopment.

“As the Member of Parliament for Burton I am keen to ensure that regeneration like this goes ahead for the benefit of the town.

“Local people back this scheme and the borough council entered into it in good faith. I would therefore ask that you clarify your intentions for the site and reassure my constituents that you intend to fulfil your promise to redevelop this site and bring forward a new Tesco superstore, something I am sure we will all

look forward to.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “We are committed to bringing a store to Burton that is right for the community and our customers.

“We will continue to work with the local council and will keep the local community updated.”

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