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Improvement package hopes at delivery centre

Tuesday 14th August 2012 (Andrew Griffiths)

BURTON’S postal delivery office could be enlarged to tackle the problem of lengthy queues, Royal Mail’s chief executive has said.

The facility in Falcon Close, off Hawkins Lane, has previously been criticised for being too small and not fit for purpose.

But chief executive Moya Greene confirmed Royal Mail’s Midlands senior management team was investigating ways of improving the centre.

Her comments came after receiving a letter of complaint from Burton MP Andrew Griffiths, in which he described the facility as ‘not up to the job’ and called for the centre’s enlargement.

In her reply, Ms Greene told the Conservative backbencher: “As with any organisation we constantly reassess our operations to identify possible improvements to the service we provide.

“I can confirm that my senior management team for the Midlands region are already looking at ways to improve the facilities at this office.

“While still in the planning stages, we are mindful of the issues you raised about the caller’s office and these will be taken in to consideration.”

The centre is used by businesses and homeowners to collect parcels.

It consists of a small service room where customers can speak to staff through a hatch.

During busy periods, however, people are forced to queue outside.

Mr Griffiths’s letter to Ms Greene said: “The facility there is not up to the job.

Given the volume of people using the delivery office, there needs to be more windows for the collection service as well as more indoor queuing space.

“In the summer months it is fine to queue outside, but I am sure you would agree with me that asking customers to queue outside in winter should be avoided if at all possible.”

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