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JCB to be main sponsor of jobs fair at Pirelli Stadium

Monday 22nd August 2011 (Andrew Griffiths)

DIGGER giant JCB has boosted plans to hold a jobs fair by agreeing to be the event’s main sponsor.

Sir Anthony Bamford’s multi-national company pledged its backing for the event, scheduled to be held on Friday, September 30, at the Pirelli Stadium, after an approach from Uttoxeter MP and lead organiser Andrew Griffiths.

“It’s on our patch, it’s Burton and Uttoxeter, and we’re a big local employer and a proud British manufacturer keen to promote the economic development of the country, county and local area, particularly where manufacturing and engineering is concerned,” said group human resources director Joanne McAdam.

“He knows we’ve been actively trying to recruit into our company in the past 12 months and he asked us if we would like to be involved and it seemed to be a very commendable thing to support.

“The more work that can be done to create visibility of the job opportunities that are available can only be helpful.” Mr Griffiths has also won sponsorship from Punch Taverns and Spirit for the 10am to 3pm fair, an idea he got from Watford Tory MP Richard Harrington, who organised a similar event in his constituency which attracted 60 businesses and 4,000 jobseekers.

Uttoxeter’s MP is organising his version with Job Centre Plus and Dave Bryon, divisional director of Burton Chamber of Commerce, in a bid to ‘kickstart the economy and get people back into work’.

Miss McAdam said the event was ‘an opportunity for employers to identify the skills that are out there and an opportunity for those looking for employment to see what companies have to offer.’, adding that JCB would join Punch Taverns and Spirit by running its own stall to advertise vacancies.

“We have a particular focus on engineering recruitment at the moment and will probably use the event as a focus for trying to encourage more employment into the engineering side of our business.,” she said.

“We will also talk about any other opportunities which may exist elsewhere in the business.” Organisers hope the non-profit-making fair will attract 40 company stands and more than 1,000 career hopefuls.

“Hopefully some opportunities will be translated into jobs for local people,” Miss McAdam said.

“Companies with vacancies to fill now or in future should be encouraged to participate.” Mr Griffiths said. JCB’s decision to sponsor the fair and take a stand there was ‘an incredibly positive start that bodes very well for the success of the event’.

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