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Jobs boom in Burton- Jobseekers gather in their hundreds for fourth Burton Jobs Fair

Friday 19th September 2014 (Andrew Griffiths)
Jobs boom in Burton- Jobseekers gather in their hundreds for fourth Burton Jobs Fair

HUNDREDS of jobseekers turned out to try their luck at the Burton jobs fair yesterday.

Queues were building up outside the Pirelli Stadium well before the doors were opened at 10am, allowing those looking for a job to chat with 52 employers keen to fill their vacancies.

It was the fourth fair to be organised by Burton MP Andrew Griffiths, and the politician said it was the biggest yet.

Mr Griffiths said: “It is without a doubt the best jobs fair we have been able to stage. There has been a marked difference this year in terms of the desire for businesses to come along and the keenness to recruit.

“Businesses have now got a lot of confidence in the success of the jobs fair. They know if they come there will be a lot of eager potential employees.

“It’s a good place for them to recruit because so many people come to it.”

Among those keen to come away with a new job was 21-year-old James Murray, who lives in Burton.

He said: “I’ve just finished university and spent the summer travelling, and now it’s time to find a job.

“I’m quite open as to what I find. I would like to go into teaching, but can’t do that until next September.”

John Henderson, 50, from Burton, said it was another part of his constant job hunt.

“I’ve tried applying for jobs online and I look for work Monday to Friday. This is just another option.

“With this amount of jobs here my options are huge. This is a really good thing to have.”

Employers at the event included Palletforce, Avon, Pirelli and JCB.

Miriam Parris, from the recruitment team at Healthcare at Home, said the company was looking to fill around 100 vacancies at the moment, ranging from customer service to finance roles.

She told the Mail before the event: “We’re really looking to find Burton’s finest to come on board. We’ve been to every one of these fairs and it’s always been a real success for us. Everything is so much easier face to face.”

The event came just a day after it was announced there were now fewer than 1,000 jobseekers in Burton for the first time since 2008.

By Laura Hammond (Burton Mail)

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