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Leaked map exposes Burton Post Office closures

Friday 18th January 2008 (Andrew Griffiths)
Leaked map exposes Burton Post Office closures

A leaked map from the official Post Office Web Site has exposed the grim prospect of Post Office closures in Burton and East Staffordshire.

Andrew Griffiths, Conservative candidate in Burton, ever alert to the threat of closures as part of his ongoing campaign discovered the mistake and realised the implications immediately. The document was downloaded minutes before it was hastily withdrawn from the public arena. Originally intended to show closures already announced in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland, sloppy administration work, gave the people of Burton a glimpse of the closures that are coming to East Staffordshire.
Mr Griffiths said,” The cat is well and truly out of the bag, we are going to lose more Post Offices in Burton. The implications are plain for all to see – more cuts are on the way, despite Mrs Deans assurances.”

Mr Griffiths added,

“We were told there was going to be a consultation about closures, but I fear the Government and the Post Office have already made up their mind. They are insulting not consulting the people of Burton. Government incompetence has given a brief glimpse of the devastation to come for communities in and around Burton. This news is the tip of the iceberg. The Post office, The Government and even our MP have been trying to convince us that our local Post Offices were safe in their hands but they do not deserve our trust as this document shows.”

The map shows two confirmed closures; High Street Burton and St Peters Street Stapenhill. Andrew concluded,

“It is astonishing that having already lost our main Post Office in Central Burton that another Town Centre outlet is to be taken away.”

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