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Mega delight as town gets faster broadband

Thursday 3rd May 2012 (Andrew Griffiths)
Mega delight as town gets faster broadband

FASTER broadband has finally come to 32,400 homes and businesses in Burton as campaigners for increased internet speeds hailed their ‘victory day’.

Areas of the town including Horninglow, Stretton and Brizlincote Valley are now eligible for ‘superfast’ broadband speeds, according to BT’s website. The telecoms giant says speeds of up to 80 megabits of data per second are now available under its higher-priced Infinity packages.

Ian Page, chairman of the Burton Business Club, who was part of a campaign to bring ‘superfast’ broadband to Burton, said: “This is definitely our victory day. “Really big areas of the town are now eligible for ‘superfast’ broadband for the first time ever.”

Even Faraday Avenue in Stretton, which was previously named the fourth slowest street in Britain for internet speeds, will now benefit from download speeds of 36.4 megabits of data per second.

Burton was initially due to receive ‘superfast’ broadband by the end of 2015 but this was brought forward after the campaign, fronted by Mr Page and Burton MP Andrew Griffiths.

Mr Page said: “It has been a well-fought campaign and we’ve just about won it now. “There are areas of the town still waiting for ‘superfast’ broadband but a lot of houses and businesses are now eligible according to the BT website.

“I must also thank Andrew Griffiths for his help along the way. He has been a great voice for the town.”
Mr Griffiths brought Burton’s broadband woes to national prominence when he spoke about the issue in the House of Commons.

John Dovey, BT’s West Midlands regional director, said: “The arrival of super-fast broadband is a huge boost for businesses and households in Burton on Trent.“These are economically challenging times and super-fast broadband can transform their experience of the internet.

They’re joining the more than seven million UK premises now passed by one of the world’s fastest growing fibre networks.”

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