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MEP Backs Rolleston Referendum Demand

Tuesday 18th December 2007 (Andrew Griffiths)
MEP Backs Rolleston Referendum Demand

One of Burton’s MEPs has added his weight to the demands for a referendum on the controversial European treaty signed by Gordon Brown.

Phillip Bushill-Matthews MEP came to Burton to back the calls for a referendum at a poll due to take place in Rolleston this Thursday.

Mr Bushill-Matthews came at the invitation of the Conservative Parliamentary hopeful Andrew Griffiths, and met with Councillor Bob Fraser, the County Councillor representing Rolleston.

Philip said: “I am fully behind the campaign for a referendum. The answer is simple: Gordon Brown should trust the people and let them decide.”
Andrew added,

“I hope as many people as possible come out and vote for a referendum on Thursday. This is Rolleston’s chance to tell Gordon Brown exactly what we think of his plan to hand over power to Brussels. The PM made a promise that the British people should have a say on our future in Europe, and he must stick to that promise. I hope people will brave the winter weather and send Gordon a clear message.”

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