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Mindless petty crime hurting business says Conservative

Friday 2nd January 2009 (Andrew Griffiths)
Mindless petty crime hurting business says Conservative

A further wave of vandalism over the Christmas period must be stamped out says the town’s Conservative Parliamentary candidate.

Over Christmas, 2 windows were smashed at Greenhalgh Accountants and a large plate glass window was smashed at the empty Sheard’s Garage, both in Carter Street. in Uttoxeter. The incidents are the latest in a long list of business premises that have had their windows smashed in the town.

Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Uttoxeter and Burton Andrew Griffiths said,

‘Yet again over Christmas, more businesses woke up to find their windows smashed by mindless idiots. In a busy town there will always be the odd incident, but we seem to be witnessing a regular spate of this kind of vandalism. The problem is it means bills of many hundreds of pounds for the businesses concerned. I am sure that replacing a plate glass window the size of the one damaged at Sheards will be extremely expensive. Local shops are already finding it difficult to survive, and they can do without additional costs when business is so tough.’

Over many months, shops and business premises in the town have suffered broken windows.

Mr Griffiths added,

“I was pleased to see a good police presence in the town, and I know they have a great deal to contend with on busy nights like Christmas eve. However, with the numbers of police and CPSO’s around, and the extra CCTV camera capacity that East Staffs Council have provided, it is about time we saw this kind of vandalism stamped out. Businesses have a right to have their premises protected, and to see the perpetrators caught. I know the police take this seriously, but so far despite all the new technology and police I haven’t heard of a single arrest for damage to windows.

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