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More support needed to help Uttoxeter racecourse

Wednesday 26th January 2011 (Andrew Griffiths)
More support needed to help Uttoxeter racecourse

Andrew Griffiths has called for action to support for the Uttoxeter racecourse in a House of Commons debate on the future of the horseracing levy.

The debate was tabled by Conservative MPs, who called on the Government to bring forward proposals to improve the system of funding for racing and the relationship between racing and bookmakers.

During the debate, Andrew highlighted the 61% reduction in prize money and fees at Uttoxeter racecourse, compared to the industry average of 38%. He argued that this reduction in prize money is affecting the ability of owners taking part in races, and warned that this would lead to the demise of the racecourse unless action is taken.

Commenting after the debate, Andrew said:
“Uttoxeter is a magnificent historical racecourse and an important part of our town. The reduction in prize money has had an impact on the racecourse, and reform of the levy is one of the ways to lessen the difficulties being faced by the industry.”

“Racing is a popular and well-loved sport in this country, and the industry contributes £3.5billion to the British economy each year. I will continue to push for action to be taken to support both the racing industry and our town’s racecourse.”

You can watch the full debate below. Andrew’s intervention is at about 13:42 on the video:

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