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MP and MEP Working Together for Burton’s Brewers

Friday 21st January 2011 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP and MEP Working Together for Burton’s Brewers

A top level meeting between Burton’s politicians and the brewing industry has taken place.

A meeting arranged by Burton’s MP Andrew Griffiths brought together the Chief Executive of Molson Coors, Mark Hunter, and Conservative MEP for the West Midlands, Malcolm Harbour. Andrew brought Mr Harbour along to Molson Coors as he is the Chairman of the hugely influential Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection in the European Parliament.

Andrew Griffiths said: “More and more legislation affecting Burton’s brewers comes from the European Union. I am really pleased that our MEP Malcolm Harbour has agreed to fight for Burton in the European Parliament.”

Mr Harbour said: “Our visit to Molson Coors was extremely informative, to find out about future business plans as well as some of the issues and challenges it is facing.

“I will be highlighting some of the points discussed with the relevant EU Commissioner and working closely with Andrew Griffiths to get some much-needed answers for Molson Coors.”

Andrew added: “European Regulations on the key issues such as the pricing and taxation of alcohol have a massive impact on the success of our local brewers. By bringing such an influential European politician on board, I hope that we will get a better deal in Europe.”

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