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MP applauds news of big care overhaul

Wednesday 17th September 2014 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP applauds news of big care overhaul

BURTON’S MP has praised council chiefs after learning of efforts to boost mental health provision in the town.

Andrew Griffiths, who led the campaign to save the Margaret Stanhope Centre from closure, revealed he hoped the news would ‘repair some of the damage’ caused by the closure of the site.

He said: “This is the best bit of news that the area has had in a long time.

“For everyone involved in the fight for better mental health services in Burton, this is a big step forward.

“We warned health chiefs about the impact that the closure of the centre would have on the area and still they failed to listen.

“But the pledge by the county council to try to end the suffering of many people will be one welcomed by people far and wide.

“I praise Staffordshire County Council for looking at this issue and making it a priority.

“There is still a great deal left to do to try to make up for what happened, but this is a start and a great one at that.

“I applaud the decision and hope that it has the desired results.

“This is a very important step for everyone in Burton touched by the mental health debate.

“Let us hope the plan is a success.”

By Burton Mail

You can read more about the improvements in mental health provision by visiting




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