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Friday 6th August 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)

As many Uttoxeter families are packing a bucket and spade in preparation for their vacation abroad, Uttoxeter MP Andrew Griffiths has reminded holiday-makers not to forget their travel insurance.

An estimated 25% of Britons travel abroad with no insurance cover and, with high costs of medical treatment overseas, Andrew is encouraging travellers to spend a few extra pounds making sure they avoid a ‘horror holiday’. With costs of £16,000 for an air ambulance from the Canary Islands, £2,000 a day for intensive care, and repatriation costs from America at £30,000, Andrew is urging families to protect themselves against such worst-case scenarios.

Andrew said:

“We all look forward to that ‘holiday bliss’ after the hard work we put in over the year. You may save a few pounds a day by not taking out travel insurance when you travel, but such a decision may also cost you thousands a day in uninsured medical costs. With affordable holiday cover readily available online, there is no excuse not to buy it. We all know of cases where families have been left with bills of thousands of pounds and I would hate someone in Burton to suffer a similar ordeal.”

UK residents are entitled to medical treatment that is covered under the state scheme at a reduced cost, or sometimes free, when temporarily visiting most countries within the European Union. However, to obtain treatment, a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) must first be purchased. More information can be found at:

Photo attached – Andrew preparing for a holiday

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