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MP blasts bus firm for ‘service failings’

Saturday 16th February 2013 (Andrew Griffiths)

AN MP has slammed a bus company after a constituent claimed one service had deteriorated to such an extent it would eventually cost people their jobs.

Burton Tory Andrew Griffiths attacked Arriva Midlands after Reg Drew (pictured) claimed its service from Tutbury, his home village, to Uttoxeter was either late or failing to turn up.

The MP said: “I’ve become increasingly concerned about the service that Arriva is providing to residents in Tutbury and have been in correspondence with the company already to try and find a solution.

“Every bus route will occasionally have mechanical problems but this seems to be a regular excuse being used by Arriva to cover up for failings in the service it is providing.

“People rely on that bus to get to work for a whole host of reasons and it’s unacceptable when it simply does not turn up.”

In an email to the MP, Mr Drew targeted the hourly service from Tutbury High Street to Uttoxeter – particularly the 9am.

He claimed this service failed to appear on Valentine’s Day, stranding his wife who eventually arrived an hour late for a three-hour shift hoping her bosses ‘would be understanding’.

Mr Drew said: “The service has now deteriorated to such an extent that the buses sometimes come 15 to 20 minutes late or fail to turn up.

“The predicament of being stranded wet and cold for an hour is bad enough, but not as serious as the predicament of those wanting the bus to travel to work.

“The situation is totally unacceptable and will eventually cost people their employment.”

He said he suspected Arriva withdrew the service to provide cover whenever a bus serving a more profitable route broke down.

Mr Drew said: “It is blatantly obvious Arriva does not (care) about this route, so why does it hang onto it?

“Surely it should let another company which would give a reliable service take over?”

He said whenever he and his wife sought answers from Arriva, ‘they say they will look into it then eventually ring back two to three weeks later to say the bus broke down, which is why I rang them’.

An Arriva spokesman said: “We will gladly investigate any claims of journeys not operating and if this customer or his wife would like to contact customer services we will look into it.”

The company’s customer service number is 0844 800 4411.

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