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Wednesday 14th July 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)

As the public sector has to claw back spending in efforts to reign in almost £1 trillion of debt, local MP Andrew Griffiths has praised Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service as they deliver record results while remaining one of the lowest costing authorities in the country.

At a recent visit to Burton Fire Station, Andrew met Mick Archer, East Staffordshire Area Commander, and commended the work that local firemen and women do. Not a single death as a result of domestic fire has been recorded in the last fifteen months in the county. In meeting people, providing information, and educating communities the Fire Service has been successful not only in fire fighting but also in fire prevention.

Andrew said:

“I am immensely impressed at the achievements of our local Fire Service. It is clear that Staffordshire is leading the way in fire prevention and what they have achieved is something for which the whole county can be very proud. The fact that not a single death has been recorded for the last fifteen months because of home fires should help us all sleep more soundly at night”.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is one of the highest performing in the country and have carried out Fire Risk Checks in 190,000 homes across the county. Meanwhile, the Service is still able to remain in the lower quartile of Fire and Rescue Services spending per head of population in the country by continually reviewing every aspect of how they deliver their service.

Andrew went on to say:

“Not only is the Fire Service in Staffordshire one of the best in the country, but it is also one of the most cost effective in the country. In these difficult economic times, with £3 billion adding to public debt each week, the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is an example of how we should all strive to offer value for money. Because of Gordon Brown’s mistakes, this Government is committed to reviewing every part of public spending to ensure we get the best out of our services. I am proud that the Fire Service here in Uttoxeter is leading the way by focusing on outcomes while improving efficiency”.

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