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MP calls on Parliament for improvement to A50

Friday 8th November 2013 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP calls on Parliament for improvement to A50

UTTOXETER’S MP is calling on Parliament to make major improvements to the infrastructure of the A50 in a bid to improve safety for residents.

Andrew Griffiths raised the issue of dangers faced by motorists on the busy dual carriageway in the House of Commons, saying the two roundabouts are a major cause of accidents and traffic backlogs.

He told his peers: “I congratulate the Chancellor and his Government on their investment in infrastructure in the West Midlands, which helped to deliver the Jaguar Land Rover plant, and thousands of manufacturing jobs in the process.

“I also draw the Minister’s attention to the A50, a key corridor in my constituency, connecting Stoke to Derby, which involves a number of manufacturing businesses that could hugely benefit from road improvements and infrastructure spending.”

Following his question, Mr Griffiths was backed by Danny Alexander, the chief secretary of the HM Treasury, who added that improved roads can create new employment opportunities in the area to the struggling job market.

He said: “The honorary gentleman is right that targeted infrastructure investment can unlock job creation in enterprise zones, including at JLR and in various places around the country.

“I am well aware of the particular scheme that he is promoting and I look forward to discussing it further with him to see how we can take it forward.”

Mr Griffiths previously called for a complete review of the A50, as well as the B5030 in Rocester, as concerns were raised about the number of accidents and the increased volumes of traffic now using these major commuter roads.

He told the Post and Times: “I think Uttoxeter residents see on a regular basis the problems with the A50 both in terms of safety and in terms of the amount of traffic that it now has to deal with.

“The two islands on the A50 are a major bottle neck and regularly causes accidents. They cannot cope with the volume of traffic it has to deal with.

“Investment in improving these islands would improve traffic flow, stop accidents and make the lives of drivers in Uttoxeter a heck of a lot easier.

“I have been lobbying for this for some time and I was encouraged by the Treasury Ministers response.

“I will continue to fight for improvements on the A50.”

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