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MP demands answers over ‘unreliable’ buses

Tuesday 26th February 2013 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP demands answers over ‘unreliable’ buses

MP Andrew Griffiths has demanded answers from under fire bus company Arriva following an influx of complaints about the reliability of the service.

The Burton politician claims he has been inundated with contact from people living in the area saying they are frequently extremely delayed because of late buses, or simply left standing at the road when they do not turn up.

He has now requested an urgent meeting with the company’s area business manager Roy Godfrey in a bid to resolve some of the issues. Mr Griffiths said: “The reality is I’m getting daily complaints from Burton residents who are suffering huge inconvenience as a result of the continuing unreliability of the services offered by Arriva.

“This is now playing havoc with people’s working lives and their ability to get about. Whilst I accept that occasionally things will go wrong, we are seeing an all too frequent pattern of buses either being massively delayed or not turning up at all.

“I’ve been left with no choice but to seek a face-to-face meeting in order to try and put an end to the commuting misery for people who are suffering.”

He added that he had been in contact with Mr Godfrey on a number of occasions, and had been given assurances that improvements would be made to the service, but felt these had not been forthcoming.

Complaints which have been reported include claims of unhelpful drivers, changes to routes which people consider unacceptable and complaints which have not been resolved by the company.

Recently, Mr Godfrey faced a grilling from members of East Staffordshire Borough Council, when he apologised ‘unreservedly’ for issues with the services which had been blighting bus users for some time.

He said at the time “I am desperate that we build bridges to restore confidence.”

Arriva was unable to provide a comment on the requested meeting in time for the Mail’s deadline.

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