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Monday 14th June 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)

Sir Terry Leahy, Chief Executive of Tesco, has announced his retirement and Burton MP, Andrew Griffiths, has written to him urging he settle the uncertainty over the future of the Bargates development before he leaves the company.

Andrew said:

“When I heard Sir Terry was leaving Tesco, I wanted to write to ensure the ongoing Bargates saga is settled before he hands it over to a new Chief Executive. This is far too important to sit in the in-tray of an incoming Chief Executive as he gets to grips with his new role. All outgoing Chief Executives wish to leave a strong and proud legacy from their period at the helm and it would be fitting for Sir Terry to ensure that Bargates is properly developed. Whilst there is movement on the issue at the moment, there is still uncertainty and I hope Sir Terry addresses this as a matter of urgency.

The redevelopment of the Bargates site has had many long-standing problems and recent speculation of an alternative site on Wellington Road for a Tesco superstore has yet to be confirmed.

Andrew said:

“I have been working closely with the East Staffordshire Borough Council who I know are working hard to do everything they can to ensure that issues surrounding the site are resolved and development can happen as soon as possible.”

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