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Friday 18th June 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)

Following an urgent meeting with Chief Superintendent Mick Harrison, Burton MP Andrew Griffiths has expressed his confidence in the policing of the town centre following the spate of violent incidents seen in Burton over the last two weeks.

Andrew said:

“Having spoken to the Superintendent about what’s happened, I feel re-assured that the police are doing everything possible to tackle the cause of the worrying violent incidents we have seen in the last few weeks. I recognise that the police are taking this incredibly seriously. What happened last week was terrible and very out of character for Burton. Now, we need to make sure that what happened remains an isolated incident and that Burton continues to be a safe place to live and work.”

Mr Griffiths has expressed his concern that late licenses in the town are making the situation more difficult.

“I am extremely concerned to discover that it is possible to drink until 5.45 in the morning in Burton. I’m really not convinced that people need to be able to go to a bar at around the same time that others are getting up for the morning shift”.

Andrew also added:

“It is essential that we re-assure the local community and give them confidence that they can visit the town safely at night. Many jobs and businesses rely on people eating and drinking in the pubs and restaurants, particularly at weekends. It would be terrible for those businesses if people stayed away”.

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