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MP saddened by theft of England flags

Sunday 20th June 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP saddened by theft of England flags

Burton MP’s efforts to support the England World Cup team have been dealt a setback after flags of St. George adorning his offices were stolen.

Andrew Griffiths had been flying the flags at both his office in St. Paul’s Square, Burton, and at the Houses of Parliament. The flags were stolen on Wednesday evening.

“I am a bit disappointed that the flags were stolen. I was just trying to get into the World Cup spirit, and get behind Capello’s team. With the FA centre coming to Burton, I wanted to show that everyone is behind the squad. I hope that whoever took the flags was a supporter who couldn’t afford a flag themselves and that they are being put to good use. I intend to replace them, and hope that they survive as long as the team, which hopefully will be all the way to the final.”

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