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MP sees at first hand the dangers of the A38

Tuesday 26th June 2012 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP sees at first hand the dangers of the A38

BURTON’S MP has vowed to lobby for permanent speed cameras on a dangerous stretch of the A38 in an effort to ‘save untold lives in the future’.

Andrew Griffiths issued the statement after joining Staffordshire Police during a patrol of the road during yesterday morning’s rush-hour.

Mr Griffiths told the Mail that the firsthand look at the situation was ‘fascinating’ and has pushed him to double his efforts to increase safety on stretches of the accident plagued road.

He said: “I started my patrol at 7.45am with PC Nigel Armitage who helped explain to me about policing on the A38.

“By chance I also got to stop at a police camera that was stationed over the A38 and see what the operator does to try to catch people not only speeding but also calling or texting on their mobile phones.

“The main feeling I got throughout the whole experience was how refreshing it was to see how seriously Staffordshire Police are taking the issue of road safety on the A38.”

During his time with the traffic cops, Mr Griffiths also visited the site on the northbound stretch of the road near Branston where sisters Parveen Kauser and Raheela Altaf died in a collision last month.

The Tory MP added: “It was explained to me just how this terrible tragedy occurred and I am now certain that the gaps should be closed for everyone’s safety — I believe this would save untold lives in the future.

“I also think we need to see the introduction of permanent speed cameras on sections of the road — nobody wants to see people fined but if people continue to drive at excessive speeds then something needs to be done.

“I am planning to speak to the highways agency about cutting down trees and verges along the road as it is clear that they are causing a visibility issue for drivers.

“The experience has convinced me that serious action needs to be taken to improve the safety of the road that will save lives.”

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