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MP starts web campaign against Marmite ‘ban’

Wednesday 25th May 2011 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP starts web campaign against Marmite ‘ban’

BURTON’S MP has labelled a decision to ‘ban’ the sale of Marmite in Denmark as ‘ridiculous’.

Andrew Griffiths loves Marmite

Conservative Andrew Griffiths spoke out after it was revealed that the divisive vegetable spread has been banned in the country because it breaks food laws passed in 2004 governing the sale of products fortified with added vitamins.

He said: “It is bonkers that such a world-renowned product has been taken off the shelves due to the fact that it contains certain vitamins.

“Marmite is a great Burton product that is proven to have many health benefits, despite having people who either ‘love it or hate it’.

“This could be down to a governmental mix-up or could be a move of protectionism for Danish products.

“I am not sure how big the Danish market is for the product but this ban will obviously hurt sales and deny people the opportunity of buying Marmite.

“Burton is renowned for two things — beer and Marmite — and we should all do everything we can to try to overturn this ridiculous decision.

“I have also set up a Facebook page urging Denmark to scrap the Marmite ban and I ask everyone to sign up and make their feelings known.” Mr Griffiths has always been a strong advocate of the Burton-made product — even wearing a pair of Marmite-branded cufflinks in Parliament.

By law, Danish authorities must give their permission for products with such additives to be sold, and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration is responsible for the ban.

A spokesman for the government regulator said: “Neither Marmite nor Vegemite and similar products have been banned by the Danish Food And Veterinary Administration.

“However, fortified foods with added vitamins, minerals or other substances cannot be marketed in Denmark unless approved by Danish food authorities.

“According to the Danish order on food additives, addition of vitamins, minerals and other substances need to be approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration before the product can be marketed in Denmark.

“The Danish Food and Veterinary Administration has not received an application for marketing in Denmark of Marmite or similar products with added vitamins or minerals.

“Other fortified food products have been approved by Danish food authorities and are being marketed in Denmark.” To join Mr Griffiths’ Facebook group, visit

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