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MP tours hospital in bid to witness improvements

Friday 9th August 2013 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP tours hospital in bid to witness improvements

BURTON’S MP was taken behind the curtain at Queen’s Hospital in a bid to take a first-hand look at improvements being made.

Andrew Griffiths met with patients and staff at the Belvedere Road site after being invited to take a closer look in the wake of the Keogh report findings.

His visit came about after the report revealed that Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust into special measures in a bid to help combat a range of issues.

He told the Mail: “I found the visit to be very useful and it helped me to understand what is being done to address issues outlined in the report.

“I got to speak to patients and staff and get their feedback about the good and bad things associated with Queen’s.

“I received plenty of positive feedback and it was great to hear from nurses who have been there for 25 years and see a raft of changes, both good and bad, take place.”

Mr Griffiths toured several areas of the hospital including the maternity ward and the new emergency admissions ward.

He added: “I have now agreed to make these visits on a regular basis because I found it so useful.

“I was impressed with the determination shown from all of the nurses that I spoke to.

“I saw a great group of men and women who want to work hard to improve things.

“I never want to be in a position again that I am surprised by bad news at Queen’s.”

Brendan Brown, director of nursing, said “We welcomed the opportunity to show Mr Griffiths around the trust.

“He had access to our wards, and received reassurance on the quality of care we provide to our patients, from both the management team and frontline staff delivering care.

“Mr Griffiths spent time talking with our staff and patients, which I hope he enjoyed and we are keen for him to return to the hospital to repeat the experience.”

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