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MP uncovers facts about A38 danger

Thursday 26th May 2016 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP uncovers facts about A38 danger

The A38 is more than twice as dangerous as the nearby A50, according to information uncovered by the town’s MP.

When comparing the A38 with the nearby A50, a report discloses that accidents are twice as likely to happen on the A38.

Burton’s MP Andrew Griffiths said: “This report clearly demonstrates what we have been arguing for a long time, that the A38 is substantially more dangerous than similar roads carrying similar amounts of traffic at the same speed.

“We have always said that decisions made about safety on the A38 must be based on the evidence and this report clearly demonstrates that there is a problem on the road. It seems common sense that any road that sees twice as many accidents needs something done in order to tackle that problem.”

The report follows a meeting organised by Mr Griffiths to bring together Staffordshire Police, Highways England and the company responsible maintaining the two stretches of road, Balfour Beatty.  At that meeting, Mr Griffiths requested that the data be gathered on the safety of the roads.

Mr Griffiths added: “Whilst there are a whole number of reasons why these accidents occurred, I can’t just accept that the A38 is more dangerous, something needs to be done.”

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