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MP urged to put people before politics

Tuesday 18th March 2008 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP urged to put people before politics

Burton’s MP has been urged to put people before politics and support a parliamentary motion which could save post offices in Burton from closure. The call comes ahead of a vote in Westminster on Wednesday which could stop all branch closures.

Andrew Griffiths, Conservative Parliamentary spokesman for Burton has called on Mrs Dean to back the Conservative proposal when it is put to a vote of all MPs.

Mr Griffiths said,

“Mrs Dean has said she opposes the post office closures, but this is a chance to put her money where her mouth is. This is a real opportunity to stop the government’s plans to close our post offices in Burton. If the government lost the vote, then closure proposals would be in ruins. Mr Griffiths has led a campaign against the closures.”

In February Mr Griffiths discovered a secret map which showed that at least two post offices in Stapenhill and High Street were earmarked for the axe.

Mr Griffiths added,

“This is about putting the needs of constituents ahead of party politics. Everyone I have spoken to wants to keep this vital service. It is all well and good Labour MPs issuing warm words but now we have a chance to act together, regardless of politics, and save our post offices. Mrs Dean’s constituents would simply not understand how she could say one thing locally, and then not vote in support of saving their post offices when given the chance. We will see on Wednesday the true extent of Mrs Dean’s conviction.”

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