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MP wants a meeting to sort out train provisions

Wednesday 31st October 2012 (Andrew Griffiths)

UTTOXETER’S MP is seeking an urgent meeting with East Midlands Trains about the provision of rail services in the town.

Andrew Griffiths said he was concerned about safety and the effect on Uttoxeter Racecourse because of the train company providing limited services.

The Advertiser reported last week about an incident at Uttoxeter Railway Station following the Support The Forces race day where tempers flared after one carriage turned up for a packed platform of racegoers and commuters.

Uttoxeter Racecourse executive director David MacDonald said he had spoken to East Midlands Trains about his concerns following the incident.

He also said he had contacted Andrew Griffiths about the situation and the cost to the Uttoxeter economy of the lack of trains prior to race meetings on Sunday’s and the MP told the Advertiser he was looking into the issues.

He said: “I think the recent problem highlights the serious implications of not enough trains being provided.

“The decision to limit the rail service is not only affecting the success and viability of an important employer in Uttoxeter and risking jobs in the process it it’s also beginning to put people’s safety at risk.

“I think East Midlands Trains urgently need to rethink how many trains they put on to keep people safe and to support the town.”

East Midlands Trains say it is planning to strengthen services for the James Bond race day this Friday but that will still only mean two carriages being in operation rather than one.

Mr Griffiths said that more needed to be done to make sure passengers can be sure they will be catered for, particularly on race days.

He said: “It is incredible that the train company doesn’t work out how many people are likely to be travelling and provide enough carriages to deal with that.

“Why on earth provide a train that can only cater for half of the people wanting to travel? “

The provision of train services on race days does not only impact on racegoers it then makes it a lottery as to whether residents in Uttoxeter will be able to get on the train or not as they don’t know if there will be enough seats.

“I have written to East Midlands Trains to ask for an urgent meeting to discuss the provision of services in order to keep people safe.”

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