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MP’s account of giving blood and why others should follow

Sunday 28th July 2013 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP’s account of giving blood and why others should follow

BURTON’S MP put his fear of needles behind him to back the Take Five Minutes campaign and give blood.

Andrew Griffiths rolled up his sleeves and donated a pint and used his experience to urge others to do the same. He told the Mail: “I doubt there are many people who are as frightened of needles as me but I was surprised how painless and easy a process it was to give blood.

“When you have given blood you get a feeling of pride knowing that you have done something good and helped
somebody out with what you have done. “I was also surprised by the number of people giving blood and would urge anybody and everybody who can to sign up, give blood and take a test to see if you could be a bone marrow

“Just think that one day your loved one could need blood and so there can be no excuses any more. “Please become a blood donor and you could perhaps help save could perhaps help save a life.”

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