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MP’s campaign for improvements to Burton station boosted after train line plans published

Friday 8th June 2018 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP’s campaign for improvements to Burton station boosted after train line plans published

Burton’s Member of Parliament Andrew Griffiths has welcomed the publication of plans for the train line through Burton that have boosted his campaign for much needed improvements to the town’s station.

The Government has published the Invitation to Tender for the next East Midlands franchise, which is due to begin in August 2019, and included a requirement for the new operator to invest a minimum of £3.6 million in station improvements in the network over the course of the term.

This comes after Andrew wrote to Rail Minister Jo Johnson MP to urge him to include improvements to Burton station in the tender document, and his ongoing campaign for this much needed work.

The successful bidder will be required to invest a minimum of £3.6 million on station improvements across the East Midlands network, with £2.5 million of that specifically on accessibility. The successful bidder will also be required to ask communities what improvements they would like to see to their station and to produce a plan highlighting what they intend to do to make sure of under-utilised parts of stations.

Andrew said: “It is great news for the campaign to improve Burton’s station that the company who will run the next franchise will be required to spend millions investing in improvements to stations on the network. When the winning bidder is announced I will be pushing to make sure that a good chunk of that is spent in Burton.

“In the meantime the next stage of the campaign is to press the companies bidding to submit the best bids possible, and over the coming weeks I will be making the case for that. We desperately need improvements to Burton station, and this announcement has given the campaign a boost.”

As part of the campaign for improvements to Burton’s station, Andrew has held meetings with companies bidding for the franchise including the current operator, and Network Rail. He also organised a meeting with the then Rail Minister, Paul Maynard MP, who branded the station “hideous”.

The tender document also details obligations for the future operator of the East Midlands franchise to improve the ticketing system for customers to ensure that the process of buying a ticket is easier

and fairer, as well as introducing a delay repayment scheme which would allow customers to receive compensation for journeys delayed by 15 minutes or more.

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