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MP’s jobs fair is welcome

Sunday 31st July 2011 (Andrew Griffiths)
MP’s jobs fair is welcome

EARLY last month, 500 people queued outside Swadlincote TownHall to attend a jobs fair.

It was evidence, if any were needed, of the demand for employment in Burton and South Derbyshire.

With this in mind, it is heartening to report that Burton MP Andrew Griffiths has joined forces with Burton and District Chamber of Commerce and JobCentre Plus to organise a jobs fair at the Pirelli Stadium.

The MP’s aim is attract 40 company trade stands and more than 1,000 career hopefuls to an event designed to ‘kickstart the economy and get people back into work’.

It’s a great idea and one we hope businesses big and small will feel able to support.

Mr Griffiths is smart enough to realise we are all living in tough times.

Prices are rising, wages are being squeezed and the fallout from cutbacks to the public sector is seeping through.

Having taken account of the success of a similar event in Watford, Mr Griffiths has decided to do everything in his power to stimulate the jobs market.

If Dave Bryon, divisional director of the Chamber of Commerce, is right, the MP is pushing against an open door.

For, according to the business leader, vacancies abound, particularly among the larger employers, and it’s a case of matching the openings with those who can fill them.

We are confident the event will be a resounding success.

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