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‘New changes will help out drivers’- MP

Wednesday 6th November 2013 (Andrew Griffiths)
‘New changes will help out drivers’- MP

BURTON’S MP has backed a raft of new measures being rolled out to help cut the costs of running a car.

Andrew Griffiths backed plans to help hardworking motorists which include a crackdown on whiplash fraud, a freeze on MOT test prices and a pilot scheme to reduce the cost of fuel at motorway service stations.
The changes will all see a study launched to try and reduce the cost for youngsters looking to take their driving test.

He said: “Conservatives have already helped hardworking people by cutting income tax for 25 million people, freezing council tax and helping with tax-free childcare. “Petrol is now 13p per litre cheaper than it would have been because Conservatives have cancelled the rises in fuel duty. But there is more that can still be done. “That’s why I welcome this new package of measures to keep insurance premiums low, freeze the cost of a MOT test and make it easier to get cheaper petrol on the motorway.

“We are on the side of people who work hard and want to get on and these changes will make things easier for motorists in Burton.” Whiplash cheats, whose bogus compensation claims have helped to force up average motor insurance premiums, will be targeted from next year by new independent medical panels which will ensure only evidence from accredited professionals can be considered.

The statutory maximum price of the MOT test for a car will be frozen at £54.85 until 2015.
New comparison road signs will be put in place which will show prices at different service stations along a route such as the A38, making it easier for drivers to get the cheapest deal and encouraging competition on prices. The fees charged for the driving test will be reviewed, including the current £31 for the theory test, £62 for the practical test and £50 fee for the provisional licence, to identify any opportunity to save money for test takers.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said: “We are turning the tide on the compensation culture and helping hardworking people by tackling high insurance levels and other motoring costs.”

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