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New Road Safety Measures after MP Summit with Council

Wednesday 15th June 2016 (Andrew Griffiths)
New Road Safety Measures after MP Summit with Council

Uttoxeter’s New Road will see additional safety measures put in place after local MP Andrew Griffiths and Heath Borough Councillor Lynne Shelton met with Staffordshire County Council.

Following the meeting, the County Council have agreed to add the road to the list of sites visited by mobile enforcement cameras, to catch people speeding along the road.  They will also be painting 30mph warning signs on the road coming from the A50, and installing 30mph repeat signs with the speed camera logo to remind drivers of the speed.

The County Council are also examining whether there is a need to improve the street lighting along New Road. The road is well known in the town for speeding vehicles, and the meeting comes following an accident that resulted in the death of Uttoxeter grandmother Barbara Bagley.

Uttoxeter MP Andrew Griffiths, who organised the meeting, said: “I am pleased that we persuaded the County Council to take action about New Road after the family of Mrs Bagley and other local residents raised their concerns about the speed of drivers along the road. The extra signs and mobile speed camera visits should make a difference in encouraging drivers to stick to the speed limit.  The Council have also promised to monitor the situation to see whether the measures are working, and I will be making sure that they do.”

New Road is now listed as a “community concern site”, and the County Council are in the process of introducing the measures.

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