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Numbers adding up for our value-for-money MPs

Saturday 7th January 2012 (Andrew Griffiths)
Numbers adding up for our value-for-money MPs

NEW figures have revealed that the MPs who serve Burton, South Derbyshire and North West Leicestershire were good value for money in the first half of 2011.

The data has been collated on a website which details and analyses how efficient parliamentarians’ voting has been and how much each vote has cost when measured against the MP’s total expense.

Figures for the first part of last year showed that Burton MP Andrew Griffiths’ costs were £57,612 and his voting efficiency was revealed as 80.6 per cent — a figure which currently has him closing in on being named one of the most costeffective MPs in the country for 2011.

Every one of his votes in the Commons cost £1,152 and, in terms of the electorate, he has cost £2.60 per vote.

The website uses a device called the ‘Commons Performance Cockpit’ which allows users to compare the least and the most cost-effective MPs based on their total costs, their voting performance in the House of Commons and the support in their constituency.

The Mail previously revealed that in 2010 Mr Griffiths had a voting efficiency of 90 per cent, meaning he just missed out on being named one of the most costeffective MPs in the country.

Burton MP Andrew Griffiths told the Mail: “After the expenses scandal, it is now imperative that MPs offer value for money in terms of their voting record in the Commons but also in the work they do for their constituents.

“This website offers a transparency so voters in Burton and across the country can see what MPs are doing for them and how well they are doing it. I am so pleased to hear that statistics show that I am offering good value for money, but what I do hope is that the figures are reflected by the opinions of the people of Burton and East Staffordshire and that they believe that I am doing a good job on their behalf.”

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