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Only 1 in 5 jobs for British workers at Power Station

Wednesday 25th November 2009 (Andrew Griffiths)

Concern has been raised that as few as one in five of the jobs promised by the company hoping to build a power station in Branston could be available for British workers.

Ireland’s state owned ESB International (ESBI), the company hoping to build the power station at Centrum 100 has only built one other power station in the UK , at Marchwood near Southampton. Earlier this year 140 workers downed tools in protest of the number of overseas workers employed at the plant.

ESBI has previously said it will “bend over backwards” to give workers from the Burton area the majority of the 50 full-time jobs the station will create.

Andrew Griffiths, Conservative parliamentary spokesman said,

“One of the strongest arguments for building the power station in Burton is the employment it would create locally. However, just like Gordon Brown’s phoney claims about British jobs for British workers, there are now real questions about whether the jobs will go to local workers. Burton residents will be expected to put up with the blight to the landscape that the 65m chimneys will cause and have to live with the environmental impacts of the emissions. However, if we are unlikely to benefit from the economic activity, then Burton residents will take all the pain for very little gain.

Under European law there is no way that the Irish state run company can guarantee local jobs, and the experience in Southampton proves otherwise. We should be looking to attract businesses on to the site that will provide greater local jobs rather than one which would rely so heavily on overseas labour”

Andrew Griffiths has lead a campaign against the proposed plant. He is backed by local Councillors Richard Grosvenor, Patricia Ackroyd, Mick Bowering and Khadim Thathall.

They have set up a campaign website .

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