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Post Office Network to be Devastated

Monday 31st March 2008 (Andrew Griffiths)
Post Office Network to be Devastated

The Post Office is to close 5 post offices across the Burton constituency. Branches in High Street Burton, Stapenhill, Marchington, Mayfield and The Heath in Uttoxeter will all be axed under plans by the Government to shut 2500 Post Offices across the country.

Commenting on the closures, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Andrew Griffiths said,

“This is a hammer blow to people in Burton and Uttoxeter, and will be a shock to many of those who use this vital facility. Our post offices are at the heart of this community, and the news will be devastating, particularly to those elderly customers who rely on the post office as a lifeline. For many pensioners, particularly in the villages like Marchington and Mayfield, going to the post office is their only contact with the outside world, and closing them will leave them trapped and isolated”

Mr Griffiths, who has pledged to step up his campaign which he started last year to keep the branches open, said,

“We cannot just lie down and be trampled over by the government and the Post Office. This is just too important for us not to battle to keep them open. Everyone I have spoken to wants to join the campaign to stop the cuts, and I am convinced that the people of Burton will want to send the Prime Minister the message loud and clear – “hands off Burton’s Post Offices Mr Brown”.

He also attacked Burton’s MP for failing to fight to keep the post offices.

He added,

“Our MP has been wrong on this matter so many times. When I said last year that 4 post offices could close, Mrs Dean went to the press accusing me of “scaremongering”. When I discovered a secret Post Office map which showed that High Street and Stapenhill were to be axed, Mrs Dean accused me of talking “rubbish”. But even worse, last week Mrs Dean had the chance to vote in parliament to stop the closures once and for all, but did what her Labour bosses told her and voted in favour of the cuts. No doubt we will hear warm words and crocodile tears from her in coming weeks now the closures are official, but the fact is she has prevaricated, misled and betrayed the people of Burton. It has been proved that Mrs Dean put the interests of the Labour party ahead of the needs of her constituents. Surely the time shas come for someone to put Burton first”.

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