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Power Station photographs attempt to mislead the public

Monday 19th October 2009 (Andrew Griffiths)

Developers wanting to build a 960 mega watt power station in Burton have been accused of attempting to mislead the public over the height of the chimneys on the plant. The concerns were raised by Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Andrew Griffiths.

Andrew said,
“In my opinion the pictures of the proposed plant were designed to mislead the public and disguise the impact the chimneys will have on the local landscape.”
The mock up pictures of the plant are taken from above and at such an angle that you can hardly make out there are chimneys at all. One resident I spoke to who had been to the exhibition hadn’t even worked out there were chimneys. I don’t think the power company are being honest with the public. “

Andrew added,
“At 65m high, these chimneys will be one and a half times the height of Nelson’s column. How anyone can deny they won’t have an impact on the skyline, I do not know. I think this is a deliberate attempt to fool the public”

Local Conservatives have been leading the campaign against the proposals. They have set up a campaign website



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