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Praise for Burton drug treatment centre

Wednesday 18th November 2009 (Andrew Griffiths)
Praise for Burton drug treatment centre

A renowned drug treatment centre has received priase from the name hoping to be responsible for drugs policy after the next General Election.

Shadow Home Affairs Minister James Brokenshire MP recently toured the Burton Addiction centre at the request of Conservative Parliamentary spokesmna for Burton Andrew Griffiths. He met staff, and sat in on a session with current and ex clients of the addiction centre to hear their views about addiction treatment.

In a statement issued following his visit Mr Brokenshire said,

“The Burton Addiction Centre is a beacon for drug rehabilitation. Treatment which brings together detox, rehab and resettlement are still a rarity in this country despite the successes in getting people drug free. It was moving to hear the stories of former addicts who have transformed and – in some cases – quite literally saved their lives as a result of the support provided by BAC.

He added

“There is a huge amount of good practice that we can learn from and I valued the opportunity to see how abstinence based drug rehabilitation can work in practice. Unless we start to tackle addiction much more effectively we won’t start the process of addressing the drivers of crime and anti-social behaviour and healing our fragmented society.”

Andrew Griffiths said,

“The reputation of BAC and the brilliant work of Noreen Oliver and her team is fast become renowned across the country. The reality is that the BAC team are quite literally giving people back their lives after years of misery bought on by addiction. I really hope that the approach taken in Burton becomes the standard for drug and alcohol treatment throughout the country.”

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