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Support National Memorial Arboretum in ‘X-factor’ vote

Wednesday 23rd July 2008 (Andrew Griffiths)
Support National Memorial Arboretum in ‘X-factor’ vote

People in Burton have been urged to support the National Memorial Arboretum in a competition to secure £2.4 million of National Lottery Funding. The Armed Forces Memeorial at the national Memeorial Arboretum has been nominated for a Best Heritage Project Award. The awards are an annual search to find the UK’s favourite lottery-funded projects.

Andrew Griffiths, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Burton said,

“I would urge everyone to show there support for the National Memeorial Arboretum. In more than 60 years since the end of the Second World War, our Armed Forces have been involved in conflicts and peacekeeping operations around the world. The National Memeorial is a fitting tribute to the valour and sacrifice of the brave men and women of our armed forces, and it rightly deserves to receive this important recognition and funding.”

Andrew added,

“The Arboretum is not just a fitting tribute and a wonderful way to remember the fallen. It is also a fantastic way for our young people to learn about the sacrifices that have been made in order to protect the freedom we all enjoy. Whenever I have friend to visit, I like to take them to the Arboretum. What inspires me most is when I see parties of children learning about the history of our heroic servicemena and women. I would hope that everyone gets on line, and casts their vote.”

Not only does the memorial pay tribute to the 16,000 men and women whose names are engraved on its walls but importantly it recognises the loss to the parents, brothers, sisters and children as well as the comrades left behind. Visitor numbers are growing rapidly – from 78,000 last year to an expected 300,000 this year.

People can vote by going on line at or phoning 0845 386 4459

Voting will run from 21 July – 8 August, and the winners will be announced on a special BBC1 show in the autumn.

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