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This election can bring real change to Burton and Uttoxeter

Tuesday 6th April 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)
This election can bring real change to Burton and Uttoxeter

Following the announcement that the General Election has been called for May 6th, Conservative Party Candidate Andrew Griffiths said,

“At last people will have a chance to get rid of this tired old government and vote for a positive change for Burton and for Britain. Local people have suffered badly, with unemployment trebling in just over 2 years. I think local people realise we just can’t carry on like this, and that we desperately need real change.

Andrew added,
“This is the most important election for a generation and it comes down to this: you don’t have to put up with another five years of Gordon Brown. People have a choice between Gordon Brown’s recipe for even greater debt and ever higher taxes, or an MP and a party with the experience, the energy and the ideas to get our country moving again. We will tackle the debt and deliver lower taxes for local businesses and working people. I know we can have a brighter future for Burton and Uttoxeter, we just have to vote for it.”

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