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Top-secret depot heading for town

Thursday 26th May 2011 (Andrew Griffiths)

SCORES of jobs could be created in Burton if top-secret plans to build a multi-million pound warehouse complex are granted.

The secret location in the town is one of a number of sites being considered for the mammoth development.

Simarco, the £22 million-per-year logistics company behind the plans, wants to build a new warehouse and distribution hub in the Midlands.

The firm has announced that it is considering a site in Burton and is at an advanced stage of negotiations.

Sources close to the bid said the new depot was likely to be on the Centrum 100 business park, but this remains unconfirmed.

Dave Bryon, director of the Burton and District Chamber of Commerce, said: “I hope that Simarco sees all the benefits and does select Burton for its new expansion.

“We welcome any inward investment in to the Burton area.” The distribution centre will serve the retail, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The new site will be Simarco’s fifth UK base.

The company already has trade links with Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Spain.

Simarco’s managing director Simon Reed said: “We have been looking at a number of sites right across the Midlands because we believe this is a logical next step in our development and will allow the European operations which have been key to our success to date to become even more efficient.

“Everything we do is based both on the needs of our clients and our ideas about how best to grow the business. This initiative solidly supports both.” Simarco is a member of the Palletforce network, which has its headquarters at Centrum 100.

Burton MP Andrew Griffiths said he would do all he could to make sure the Burton site was chosen.

He said: “The chance to bring further development and jobs to Burton is a hugely exciting opportunity.

“Given that Burton already has Palletforce located in the constituency, this proves that the town is the perfect choice when thinking of building a logistics hub.

“We have a skilled workforce, plenty of commercial space and are ideally located at the centre of Britain’s road network.

“I have already contacted Simarco to put the case for Burton and I hope to be meeting them shortly to urge them to bring their jobs here.”

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