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Tories Make New Year Resolution to ditch the plastic

Tuesday 1st January 2008 (Andrew Griffiths)
Tories Make New Year Resolution to ditch the plastic

Tory candidate for the Burton and Uttoxeter Constituency at the next General Election, Andrew Griffiths joined forces with Uttoxeter Town Councillor Tasmin Page to launch a New Year initiative aimed at reducing the use of plastic shopping bags.

“The facts are alarming,” said Andrew Griffiths. No less than 17 billion bags a year, equivalent to 300 for every man woman and child are used in Britain.” “It can’t go on, oil based polythene bags are not only an environmental burden on our society but it doesn’t add up financially to continue wasting money every time we shop. Rest assured the cost of these bags are passed onto the shopper.”

Andrew and Tasmin launched an environmentally friendly sustainable fabric bag as an alternative. The bags cost £1 and are available from your local Conservative Councillors. The recent total ban on plastic bags in the Irish Republic has already been hailed as a success and it is hoped that this will bring a greater awareness of the environmental benefits of using reusable shopping bags.

“Alternative materials and reusable bags are the only way forward,” said Uttoxeter Town Councillor Tasmin Page. “My New Year Resolution is to do my bit for the environment by not using plastic bags. Plastic just ain’t my bag anymore.” She concluded.

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