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Tories urge Burton MP to abandon support for ID cards

Friday 9th February 2007 (Andrew Griffiths)

Burton MP Janet Dean has been urged to drop her support for the Governments Identity Card scheme, and add her name to a new cross-party petition against ID Cards on the Downing Street website. This comes as Conservatives have launched a new campaign against Labour’s plans for ID Cards; David Cameron has pledged to scrap the £20 billion scheme.

Burton and uttoxeter Conservative candidate Andrew Griffiths said:

“ID cards are a bad idea: they Will cost £20 billion but simply wont work. In the last month we have seen the distressing scenes of local care homes being closed, and workers at Stafordshire County Council threatened with redundancy all to save money, yet the Government want to waste £20 billion on ID cards. “

Conservatives said that money allocated for the ID card scheme could be better spent in Burton and Uttoxeter, solving local problems, rather than wasting it on an expensive scheme that, judging by the governments past failures with IT projects look destined to fail.

Andrew added: “I hope Janet will sign up to this cross party campaign, and consign this ill thought out and costly ID card plan to the scrap heap. That is the best thing she could do for the country and for the people of Burton. I am sure Janet Dean thought she was doing the right thing when she supported Tony Blair and voted for ID cards, but all the evidence shows they are not the answer to the threat of terrorism, to benefit fraud, illegal immigration, human trafficking or to identity theft. They are a waste of money, and a Conservative Government will abolish them.”

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