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Uttoxeter’s MP signs pledge to Back British Farming in Staffordshire

Thursday 5th October 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Uttoxeter’s MP signs pledge to Back British Farming in Staffordshire


Uttoxeter’s MP Andrew Griffiths has recognised the vital role that Staffordshire farmers are contributing to the economy, the countryside and food production as he pledged to Back British Farming at an event in Westminster last week.

Farming in the West Midlands region contributes £828 million to the local economy and provides 42,903 jobs – this is on top of the safe, affordable food farmers produce and British countryside they maintain.

In addition to its role producing food, farming also supports the work of other industries, such as vets, solicitors, surveyors and feed merchants.

The event in Westminster was held by the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) as a rallying call to MPs to support farming – during a particularly crucial period for British farming as the Brexit negotiations begin.

Andrew said: “There are so many worthy reasons to support British farmers: they are responsible for securing our fantastic British food supply, looking after our world-renowned countryside and sustaining a dynamic rural economy. 

“Farming is hugely important to Burton and Uttoxeter.  In my constituency alone farming provides 600 jobs and £11.5million to the national economy.  That is why I am proud to wear the NFU’s Back British Farming pin badge in Parliament today.

“These reasons are why I have pledged to Back British farming in Westminster and to ensure our decisions in Parliament reflect the strategic importance of British food and farming to the nation.  The Government has committed to getting the best possible Brexit for our farmers, to ensure that they can continue to provide the safe and affordable food that the public trust and demand.”

If you would like to find out more about how you can Back British Farming, you can join thousands of supporters of the National Farmers’ Union campaign here.

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