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Uttoxeter’s MP wants town put on political map

Thursday 24th November 2016 (Andrew Griffiths)
Uttoxeter’s MP wants town put on political map

Uttoxeter will take up its rightful place on the political map of Great Britain if a campaign by local MP Andrew Griffiths is successful. Mr Griffiths is calling for Uttoxeter to be added to the name of the Burton constituency to make it ‘Burton & Uttoxeter’.

Mr Griffiths, who always calls himself the MP for Burton and Uttoxeter said, “Understandably people in Uttoxeter feel overlooked and ignored currently. Uttoxeter is a vibrant town with a nationally renowned racecourse. It is only right that the prominence and importance of the town is properly recognised”.

Mr Griffiths will be sharing his proposal with the Boundary Commission which is the body responsible for overseeing the changes to the constituencies, but for it to have the best possible chance to succeed he will need the support of Uttoxeter behind him. The deadline for the consultation is the 5th December and if you are a constituency resident who would like to see Uttoxeter on the political map please add your name to the campaign on the website address below by the 30th November.

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