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‘Vital A38 changes have to happen or drivers will die’ says Burton’s MP

Wednesday 26th February 2014 (Andrew Griffiths)
‘Vital A38 changes have to happen or drivers will die’ says Burton’s MP

Written by ROB SMYTH

BURTON’S MP has said that highways bosses have to give the green light to vital improvements along the A38 or ‘people will lose their lives’.

Andrew Griffiths made the bold claim on the day that the Highways Agency is expected to make a decision on whether to allow a £140,000 road safety scheme to begin on the stretch between Branston and Barton under Needwood or bow to the wishes of just three objectors and mothball the proposals.

The parliamentarian urged road chiefs to ‘do the right thing’ and make sure that dangerous gaps and a lower speed limit are put in place to protect drivers.

He said: “This is the culmination of a long and hard-fought campaign to bring safety measures to the A38.

“For as long as this campaign has been going, I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who support the plans and want changes to happen.

“It is unthinkable and downright dangerous to even imagine that this scheme is not going to happen.

“I have everything crossed in the hope that the Highways Agency will see sense in these improvements and recognise the value in boosting road safety and saving lives.

“I am sure that these measure will save the lives of countless motorists and without them people will die.

“Week in and week out we see accidents on this stretch of road and this simply has to stop. These measures are vital and need to be put in place.”

Work on the safety scheme was set to start in January only to be halted after three residents who live along the A38 voiced their disapproval at the road project.

They claimed that the measures would increase their travel time to and from their homes as well as seeing the amount they have to pay for fuel rise.

The Highways Agency launched an investigation and is expected to deliver a verdict on whether the scheme should go ahead today.

The need for changes to the road layout came about after the death of two sisters along the stretch of road in 2012.

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